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I broaden perspectives with a powerful focus on business success, code quality and refined UX.

Coming up with a catchy first sentence is hard. So let me tell you my timeless tale of a forbidden love between art & code. A riveting adventure with many plot twists...

Hi I'm Miki

I am a Vue Developer, certified Product Owner,

AI prompter, Workshop Lecturer, UX / UI designer,

Illustrator & office muralist, Brand creator,

Artistic workshoper, Team leader …

Chapter 1

Digital Designer

This adventure starts with an artistic talent that chose the untamed path of a Graphics Designer. Armed with Photoshop & Illustrator he rushed out to create digital art. Filling his rucksack with top UX practices and skills in Branding.

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Ale mnie Sushi - JalokimGraphics
Macki Precz! - JalokimGraphics
All OK - JalokimGraphics
Peace - JalokimGraphics
Leaf Cat - JalokimGraphics
Aztec Bird - JalokimGraphics
Dotted Bird - JalokimGraphics
Birdos Mexicanos - JalokimGraphics
Piggy Seed Bank - JalokimGraphics
Illustrations part #2 - JalokimGraphics
Chapter 2

Front End Developer

Design alone was not enough. Transforming static visuals into living breathing works of art was the way to success for our hero. During his over 10 year journey he climbed HTML mountains, swam CSS rivers and plunged into the deep dark forests of Javascript.

Many side quests challenged him, leading him to the unknown lands of Wordpress, PHP & then the headless CMS swamps

A photo of Mikolaj working on IT projects
A photo of Mikolaj being lazy at work
A photo of Mikolaj working on business partners
A photo of Mikolaj after finishing a office Mural
Chapter 3

Mentor & Guide

With this much experience, it was wise to map his knowledge so that others could better travel the path. Our hero also teaches the ways of the HTML forest. Mentoring career paths and helping teams achieve success.

Stapling his knowledge with a certified SCRUM Product Owner badge. When everything runs as a smooth machine tackling any IT jungle is tangible and even a pleasure.

Where do I help?
Chapter 4

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Being a Web Developer is not just about the beauty of your code, or the pixel-perfectness of your design. It's about understanding the Value it brings not only to the business, but to the community.

Every aspect of this journey plays a part, whether it's Business Logic, Developer or User Experience. My mission is to improve each aspect in a projects cycle and open eyes, break walls and build for the future.


There are more tales

A photo of Mikolaj against one of his murals

How I accidentally became an Office Muralist

Tasked to decorate an empty wall fell into an alternate universe of Mural Art
Paint my place
A photo of Midjourney Handbook

My Midjourney Handbook Volume 1

A easy to read reference for all of Midjourney's parameters.
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